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Provincial Labour Office Kamphaengphet

Organization Structure

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    • MissWarangkana Seesawat

      MissWarangkana Seesawat

      Labour Specialist, Practitioner Level
      • MissThapita Chaiwang

        MissThapita Chaiwang

        Labour Specialist, Practitioner Level
        • Mr.Pitak Hengsin

          Mr.Pitak Hengsin

          • MissJantira Khunkasikam

            MissJantira Khunkasikam

            Mol Counter Service Officer
        • MissThanya Thongsomboon

          MissThanya Thongsomboon

          Labour Specialist
          • Mrs.Somjai Kuramanee

            Mrs.Somjai Kuramanee

          • MissKitiya Deephichan

            MissKitiya Deephichan

            Initial Analysis And Evaluation Officer
    • MissLaksana Tanta

      MissLaksana Tanta

      Finance And Accounting Officer, Operational Level
      • MissPrasong Preecha

        MissPrasong Preecha

        General Service Officer